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Aussie and Me Animal Rescue Puppy Adoption Guidelines and Requirements : Puppies are MATCHED with an adopter or adopters are presented with 2-3 puppies that we feel will be a good match for them and vice versa. Puppies are NOT first come first serve. Must be enrolled in puppy class within 30 days of adoption. Puppies are adopted out with a spay/neuter contract, requiring the puppy to be spayed between 5-6 months of age unless temperament requires it to be done earlier. The cost of spay/neuter is covered in the adoption fee IF you have the procedure performed at a clinic in your area that we work with. If you choose to have the procedure done at your vet, you will assume the cost and the adoption fee is NOT reduced. Puppies are adopted out current on age appropriate vaccines, deworming, have been on monthly heart worm/flea preventative and have a negative fecal exam upon being adopted. We will not adopt a puppy into a home that currently has another puppy under the age of 6 months, not spayed/neutered and/or has not completed its full series of vaccines. We will not adopt puppies under the age of 6 months to homes where there are children under 6 years of age. We may consider a placement based on the puppies personality and after meeting the child(ren) and viewing how they interact with a puppy but we will not guarantee an adoption.
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Available for Adoption

PUPPIES • 8 weeks - 6 months The following pets are available for adoption as of 01/16/18 (unless otherwise noted)

The Spicy Side Dishes

Mini Australian Shepherd/Cattledog Mixes The Spicy Side Dish babies are growing and ready to leave the nest (gulp!) These special needs babies would LOVE to go in groups of two if at all possible but not necessary. They are very dependent on one another and completely love together as a group. I have never seen a large group of puppies, or even a small group, just want to be snuggled together like this group. They've been through a lot, have special dietary needs but nothing crazy and are just the sweetest and most loving group of puppies you will ever meet. They are double merle breeding. Everyone one of these puppies including their momma are amazing and exceptionally sweet. All are healthy, medically clearted and are very happy. If you think you have what it takes to love forever one of my very protected puppies, start by visiting www.AussieAndMe.org and fill out the online application. Once you are approved to adopt, we will discuss further their needs for a successful future and adoption. The Spicy Side Dishes are being fostered in Sarasota, FL.


Male All personality and mouth! High energy and looking for trouble. Loves to play with kitties, toys and his siblings. Thinks Animal Planet is the best thing since dog biscuits. Andouille also likes to throw a daily temper tantrum when it is time to come in for a nap. Loves to snuggle.

Beignet (Runt Baby)

Female Beignet was born at 6oz and was sick during the first 5 weeks of her life. As she developed, she outgrew the issues she was having with food and eating and has not stopped eating since. She is very emotional and feels she needs to carry the weight of the world her tiny shoulders. She is by far the snuggle baby.


Male Boudin is by far the happiest, most playful and talkative of the group. He is just always happy and looking for someone to play with. Boudin is fun and will be great in any situation as long as lots of love is included.


Male Super sassy and always looking for his next big adventure. Bouillon is one of the happiest puppies you will ever meet.


Male • Vision and hearing impairment. He is not fully blind. Eyes need daily drops.  Cracklin is always up for snuggles and kisses. His impairments do not slow him down in the slightest. Eager to please and will follow you everywhere. Cracklin just has the sweetest and most loving personality and loves to snuggle up in your neck.


Male Full hearing impairment, partial vision impairment. Eyes need daily drops. Crawfish is our independent guy with a slight shy side. Loves his siblings, kitties and loads of playtime and snuggles. Crawfish has no idea he is deaf and does not stop him from enjoying life to the fullest.


Female Small petite stature - slow in development. Oh Creole - she is one spicy girl! Full of non stop energy, loves to be heard and has an interesting voice due to her slight hearing impairment. She plays hard, loves kitties, her siblings and loves to watch TV.


Female • Vocally tone deaf Left eye needs drops Small petite stature Another one for the high energy side - Etouffee is all energy all the time. She is a toy hoarder, an avid TV watcher, a kitty chaser (for fun), a trouble maker and a loud mouth. She enjoys having at least one temper tantrum per day and wants to be with you. Very petite girl.


Male Double Merle - slightly bow legged Solid in stature  Gumbo is another independent guy but loves to play hard with his siblings and kitties. Shy at first but then will follow you everywhere for love. Gumbo is the largest of the litter and the most playful.