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Online Research Partners division of KDM utilizes the latest technological advances in custom quantitative data collection and reporting -- assisting in every stage of the survey process including: · Consultation on research objectives · Questionnaire design · Programming/Testing · Survey administration · Data tabulation · Results analysis and graphics Our Research Director, Jennifer Burquest, delivers over 20 years of experience in marketing research, including 10+ years specializing in subscriber based Publication Research. Much of Online Research Partners work is focused on providing data tools for your sales team to substantiate specific audience demographics and behaviors. Specialties include: · Publication research (Subscriber Profile surveys of audience, ad message/impact or   ad awareness surveys) · Brand Awareness (market penetration), pre/post advertising · Advertising/Message understanding and impact (pre/post placement) · Custom “subject” research (usage and awareness) regarding techniques, tools and   future buying behaviors for your product · Industry Salary surveys Our cost effective and illuminating offerings include Web surveys, mail surveys, telephone research or as an option, research conducted at industry trade shows to capture opinions from the hard to reach respondent.  For more information or a quote for your next quantitative research project, contact Online Research partners at Research@KatnapDesigns.com or 941-296-5177.
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